D.L. Simmons is a printmaker using traditional and multiple processes that incorporate intaglio, relief, serigraph and digital processes. He recently presented his newest works in a solo art exhibition titled “Evanescene Eidolon” at The Ampersand Guild in November of 2018. D.L. Simmons also was selected among a group of finalists to participate in the BIG INK event of Atlanta Printmakers Studio where he too created a woodblock called "Hello the House". You can see more of his practice under his fine art works.

Artistic Medium(s):  Printmaking, mixed media, drawing, painting, graphic design, digital photography, photography manipulation, and installation.


Watch the video: BIG INK Visits Atlanta Printmakers Studio

Art Gallery Exhibitions

The Ampersand Guild, Macon, GA; Frontline Arts,Branchburg, NJ; Zuckerman Museum of Art, Kennesaw, GA; Ogden Museum of Southern Art, New Orleans, LA; Frances Sewell Plunket Gallery, Macon, GA; Winter's Ink National Printmaking Exhibition, Southside Gallery in Oxford, MS; American Youth Printmaking Exhibition at Liu Haisu Art Museum, Shanghai, China; Sochi Gallery, Macon,GA; Wriston Art Gallery, Appleton,Wisconsin; Jordan Fey Gallery, Baltimore, MD; and Gallery East and Hub-Bub Gallery, Spartanburg, SC.

The Ampersand Guild has D.L. Simmons’s current works for sale in the retail gallery. 

View D.L. Simmons’s gallery of fine art.

Artist Statement

For me it is important that the outside world is not simply viewed and represented by the artist but rather that is it viewed, assimilated, and interpreted by the artist. When objects and images from our everyday lives mingle with nuances of memory, the familiar becomes saturated with multiple layers of meaning and larger-than-life metaphorical significance. My work is a direct response to my life experiences, and although it does not directly reproduce any specific events, the imagery is made up of objects and icons that reflect and create narrative vignettes abstracted from my past experiences. I use my personal experiences as a vehicle to develop visual concepts.

My work is the physical embodiment of an emotional experience and is an investigation of the self told in the media of printmaking. My work, as a whole, is a means for me to digest emotion and transform it into something tangible. I work through the printmaking process to develop a body of work that makes sense of emotional, cultural, and physical experiences.


D.L. Simmons is a native of South Carolina. He received his BFA in Studio Art from Maryland Institute College of Art and while there he studied printmaking abroad at Charles Rennie Mackintosh-Glasgow College of Art. D.L. then went on to earn an MFA in Printmaking from Louisiana State University. As a working artist and Assistant Professor of Art at Middle Georgia State University (MGA), he delivers a wide array of mediums through his art and in his teachings. Before joining MGA, D.L. served as an Adjunct Professor of Art at University of South Carolina Upstate, Limestone College, Converse College and Townsend University. As an extracurricular activity, D.L. served as an instructor for the Colors Outreach Program offered by the Spartanburg Art Museum. Before serving full-time in higher ed, D.L. was a faculty member at the Jemicy School in Maryland working with dyslexic and gifted youth. His teaching experience has allowed him to identify the necessity in adapting and adopting teaching techniques equipped for each student’s uniqueness and relative to the pace of their learning styles.

Academic Presentation

D.L. has been a visiting artist for The Paper Fox Press at Lawrence University, Appleton, Wisconsin. He also presents at a minimum, annually, at the Southern Humanities Conference (SHC) and at the South Atlantic Modern Language Association (SAMLA).

D.L. recently served as chair in the SAMLA 90 convention for “Into the Ludic” and co-presented in a collaboration, titled, “Joseph Conrad: The Glamour of All Artist Work.” Read more about his latest research in Inside MGA, Middle Georgia State University’s official newsletter.